Yoogane’s Galbi Jeongol, A Korean Chicken Hotpot Made In Heaven!

Yoogane’s Galbi Jeongol (Korean Chicken Hotpot) is packed with bubbling hot, savory flavors and visually appealing! Not to mention it’s perfect for cold winter days! You may add soup, luncheon meat, a variety of mushrooms and vegetables for your pot. Don’t forget your ramen! When you get the first spoonful of the soup, it is so flavorful and moreish. Let’s enjoy your Galbi Jeongol over big groups or at least come in a pair. Create awesome bonding and having fun at Yoogane!

Yoogane’s Galbi Jeongol +$10/per one

*Must be used in conjunction with 90-minute Signature Chicken Galbi course and there is required to be ordered by table

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