Seafood and yakiniku all-you-can-eat at Gyu-Kaku and Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Starting from 21 April, 2022,  “Superb All-you-can-eat Course 2.0” will be back to Gyu-Kaku all-you-can-eat shops and Gyu-Kaku Buffet which will offer seafood and yakiniku all-you-can-eat. You will definitely be able to enjoy the big meal!

In this promotion, 10 items will be available for a limited time. Japanese Salted Atka Mackerel is highly recommended, an elegant oily aroma and a strong umami taste. Half Shell Oysters are another recommended items. You can choose from White Sauce with Cheese and Garlic & Butter. Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab is crispy and sweet.

It is definitely the best choice for serving with beer! For the meat items, there are Spanish Angus Beef Oyster Blade Steak and Spanish Iberico Pork Rack available. In addition, Foie Gras Toast can also be enjoyed during this promotion.Finally, Tiger Prawns which are very popular items in last promotion of “Superb all-you-can-eat Course” will be continuously provided with a thick, elastic and sweet taste. Garlic Butter and Basil can be chosen. You can taste the aroma of garlic or basil in addition to the sweet flavor. You can enjoy over 100 types of delicacies. There are early bird/late dinner offer which are served throughout the day regardless of day or festival. (late dinner offer is not applicable to Gyu-Kaku Buffet).

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