On-Yasai loves you, we hold a running event for you?


On-Yasai loves you and takes care of your mouth and fortune, as well as your physical and mental well-being. Recently, we sponsored the social enterprise @膳動衡FOODSPORT. In October, we will hold a charity online running event with the theme of 🍲Hotpot “On-Yasai x FOODSPORT Hunger Run 2021”! Every participant who runs for the designated kilometer can get our pot dishes and meat etc… We hope everyone has a healthy lifestyle, and even prepares for the 2024 Olympics, and continues to win more medals!


In addition, the calories consumed by the participants of this event will be converted into food with the same calories and donated to those in need. Apart from being able to eat and eat, also can helps others to solve the problem of food.


Hurry up and visit the website to know how to participate!

[Registration date: August 18 to September 24]

👉🏼 www.foodsport.com.hk/hungerrun2021 

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