New menu is now available at Gyu-Kaku all-you-can-eat shops

New menu is now available at Gyu-Kaku Olympian City, Aberdeen & Tuen Mun Town Plaza shops. Up to 95 items and 14 new items in new menu. Recommended items include Cucumber w/ Omnipork in Miso, Cold Tofu w/ Spicy Omnipork, Tomato w/ Cod Roe Sauce, Chicken Breast Salad w/ Cod Roe Sauce, Whelk & etc. Starting from 5:00pm everyday, free-flow Yakiniku & food are served. Dining time for“Wagyu all-you-can-eat Course” & “Deluxe Wagyu all-you-can-eat Course” are extended to 120 minutes for free!



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