New item in Sakura Limited Rice Bowl Promotion at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou

Starting from 8 May 2020, there is a new item added in “Sakura Limited Rice Bowl Menu” by using bonito.

“Grilled Assorted Eels Rice Bowl Set $109”, using Grilled Japanese Eel, Grilled Eel w/ Kabayaki Sauce and Grilled Conger Eel which can enhance immunity.

The following rice bowls used ginger sauce in which the taste is slightly sweet with the flavor of bonito. Ginger can eliminate phlegm and cough, which is a good product during the epidemic!
“Grilled Pork in Ginger Sauce w/ Sakura Shrimp Rice Bowl Set $79”, selected Spanish Pork Belly in which pork provides protein, fat, vitamins and minerals needed by the body to help strengthen immunity.
“Grilled Beef in Ginger Sauce w/ Sakura Shrimp Rice Bowl Set $89”, U.S. beef is used in which the zinc in beef can also enhance immunity!

Shop addresses:
Shop 112B-113, L1, Tsuen Wan Plaza
Shop 706, 7/F, Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung

In addition to ordering food at the store, you can also order food online at, which is quick and easy!

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