New All-you-can-eat Menu at Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Gyu-Kaku Buffet launches a new all-day All-you-can-eat menu with providing 5 yakiniku courses, and the dishes will be increased to 142 items. You can enjoy Wagyu and more than 40 appetizers, desserts and drinks in the Buffet Zone from only $308. Food and drinks in the Buffet Zone will be updated from time to time, fully satisfying customers who are looking for novelty! In addition to the new dishes, new menu also offers Magical Toppings and revives the popular item “Premium Squid”.

The recommended dishes include: “Premium U.S. SRF Angus Wagyu Karubi”, “Beef Brisket”, “Kumamoto Pork Shoulder Blade”, “Horse Mackerel (Aji Fish) (with Ponzu & Grated Radish) & “Grilled Pineapple”.

Meal details:

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