Kabu-Go“ Stay Healthy Offer”Up to 45% off/ Free $50 Kabu-Go Point upon opening a new account

【Kabu-Go】launched “Stay Healthy Offer”, offering more than 20 different types of products and combinations up to 55% off, so that everyone can stay at home and purchase different daily food, hot pot items and grill sets. Minimize the risks caused by going out.

Hot-picks include the most suitable for Hot Pot U.S. Beef Slices, Brazilian Chicken Thigh Cuts, USDA Choice Karubi Beef Slices & MouMouClub Sweet Soy Sauce Concentrated Soup Stock Combo Price $46.8 (regular price: $104), enjoying the burger at home, you can also choose Miyazaki Pork Hamburger, Japan Wagyu Beef Hamburger, Black Wagyu MeatballsCombo Price of $67.5 (regular price: $150). In addition, there are more than 15 products with 50% off discount, including exclusive product of MouMouClub Soup Stockat $10 (regular price $20), Pork Knuckles that can cook a variety of dishes at $19 (regular price: $38) and American Beef Short Rib$62 (regular price: $124), there are many products that can let you experience the laziness.

At the same time, $50 Kabu-Go Point upon opening a new account! Allowing you to fight the virus at home while also enjoying discounts. After membership registration, you can enjoy $1=1 point on reward program with getting an extra $50 Kabu-Go Point upon referring a friend to purchase over $600 and register as a member.


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