[Good luck in the year of the ox] Chinese New Year delicacies are here~


The Year of the Ox is coming soon, of course, you have to eat the festive food to welcome the New Year from the inside out! This time, we have launched a lot of Chinese New Year delicacies, including cold dishes in the shape of red lanterns, goldfish (pan fried dumplings), braised pork knuckle with golden oysters and donko shiitake mushrooms, steamed white lotus paste pumpkin cake. So many exquisite delicacies start at $68!


If you want to invite friends and family to celebrate the New Year, you can try 2 Chinese New Year set for 6. There are a lot of luxurious ingredients, including braised abalone with abalone sauce, golden prawns, braised pork knuckles with golden oysters and donko shiitake mushrooms, etc….you can eat in or bring it home ~ The price starts from $1428 for Yau Tong shop, and the price starts from $1488 for V Walk shop! Call / download Kabu App to make a reservation~


Chinese New Year menu details: https://bit.ly/2YTqbx4

Chinese New Year set for 6 (Yau Tong shop): https://bit.ly/3tFDsrA

Chinese New Year set for 6 (V Walk shop): https://bit.ly/3tA2eZX


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Yau Tong Shop

Shop 237, 2/F., Domain, Yau Tong, Kowloon (Tel: 2568-3708)

V Walk Shop

Shop L2-26, 2/F, V Walk, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon (Tel: 2628-9618)

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