Enjoy wagyu ultimate low price 120 mins lunch all-you-can-eat from $149 at Mou Mou Geki!

“Mou Mou Geki” offers 120 minutes all-you-can-eat with great deal with wagyu ultimate low price all-you-can-eat added, for example, customers can enjoy 120 minutes lunch at just $149* up with tasty U.S. Wagyu Beef Brisket all-you-can-eat. New U.S. Wagyu Beef Sirloin all-you-can-eat is recommended to deliver to the best flavor of wagyu from SNAKE RIVER FARMS. Customers can get less $40 late dinner offer per each all-you-can-eat starts from 9:30pm. Besides, customers can enjoy over 30 selections of food, ice cream and drinks at food bar. Let’s enjoy the fabulous shabu shabu with friends! 

*Fri, Sat, Sun, Public Holiday & Public Holiday Eve is from $159. Settle the bill before 6:30pm is required.


Mou Mou Geki
Address: The whole of 6/F, King Wah Centre, Mongkok

Tel: 3421 1663

Mon – Sun 12nn – 12am



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