Enjoy Satsuma Kuroushi Beef 120 mins lunch all-you-can-eat from $295 at Mou Mou Geki!

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club King Wah Centre. Customers can enjoy different parts of the beef during the 120 minutes lunch all-you-can-eat course from $295 ($369 for dinner). Kumamoto Wagyu Beef is firstly invented by our group, and it has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by specific feeds and rich mineral groundwater. The texture is soft and rich in flavor. The taste is so unforgettable once you have tried.

For other Wagyu all-you-can-eat courses, customers can enjoy 120 minutes lunch at just $149, while just $90 for other lunch all-you-can-eat courses. For late dinner offer, customers can also get $40 less per each all-you-can-eat which starts from 9:30pm! Let’s come and enjoy the shabu shabu with friends!

*Fri, Sat, Sun, Public Holiday & Public Holiday Eves is from $100 and settle the bill before 6:30pm is required.

Lunch menu: https://bit.ly/2VOPq4R

Dinner menu: https://bit.ly/2VvVBpf

Mou Mou Geki
Address: The whole of 6/F, King Wah Centre, Mongkok

Tel: 3421 1663

Mon – Sun 12nn – 12am

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