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From $69, enjoy new Lunch Menu at Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Starting from 3 April 2019, Gyu-Kaku Buffet launched a new lunch menu from only $69. In addition to 14 selections, you can choose 60 or 100 minutes* to enjoy the meal. All meals are served with up to 40 food, desserts and drinks in the Buffet Zone. *1.5x portion on 100-minute lunch menu Menu:

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef Arrived Mou Mou Club

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club Olympian City, Causeway Bay and Moko shop. Kumamoto Wagyu Beef has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by specific feeds and rich mineral groundwater. The rib eye part has been selected and the wagyu is soft in texture with rich flavor. Let’s […]

Tea Menu starts from $59 and now available at On-Yasai!

Brand new tea menu starts from $59 and now available at On-Yasai! It includes udon in sesame sauce and rice with half boiled egg & sukiyaki beef the first time to fulfill your taste buds. Vegetable & beef spicy pot and seafood pot are also available, allowing diners to experience the authentic Japanese shabu shabu. […]

New dinner menu launch at On-Yasai!

Good news to shabu shabu fans! The new dinner menu at On-Yasai shops is available from 19 Mar 2019. There are dinner sets for 2 which include soup, appetisers, pot dish of your choice, daily recommendations of 5 kinds vegetables, rice or udon, which are only from HK$728 up. Green set for 1 is also […]

Mou Mou Club & Mou Mou Geki U.S. Beef Carnival

Selected U.S. Beef set menu is now availble at Mou Mou Club and Mou Mou Geki! Customer can enjoy 3 kinds of juicy and tender U.S. wagyu beef at once, just come and out the brand new set menu! Apart from that, there is a brand new limited time promotion soup as well – Clams […]