Cheese Up Challenge.自己優惠自己拉!

Now you can join Yoogane Cheese Up Challenge while you add on $38 for the Upgarde Cheese! There are two levels:

Level 1: Over 50cm – 50% off for the Upgrade Cheese*

Level 2: Over 100cm – FREE Upgrade Cheese


Just stretch the cheese as long as you can!


Promotion Date: 16/11/2018-30/11/2018

*Subject to 10% service charge based on regular pric

Shop Info:

1. Shatin Shop

Shop 709, 7/F, Phase 1, New Town Plaza, Shatin

Number : 3571 9993


2. Tsuen Wan Shop (NEW!)

Shop 350-352, L3, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan

Number : 2810 0608


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