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Kabu brands x Katch Promotion

As a merchants of Katch Anniversary Campaign, you may get a Katch Year-round Ticket Voucher upon dining at our shop! Starting from 16 May 2022, we cooperate with Katch, after patronage specific set or item (receipt should be uploaded to Katch app for verification) and answer questions within the specified time to get a digital […]

【New Ready-to-Go takeaway menu at Yoogane🎉】

Starting from 25th January 2022, Yoogane launches a new Ready-to-Go Takeaway menu with adding 3 category, which is Korean Cuisine Set, Korean MA SHI DA set & Korean Cuisine items. You can enjoy deep-fried chicken and Chicken galbi with appetizers, snacks, spicy Korean tofu & seafood soup from Korean Cuisine Set and that’s only $228.8 […]

[Korean Lunch Semi Buffet from $79 up in Yoogane!]

No one can resist all-you-can-eat with unlimited food and drinks! Come enjoy Korean lunch semi buffet from $79 up in Yoogane. The new options such as deep-fried chicken with Korean spicy sauce or with ground seaweed, sautéed kimchi and pork intestine with spicy sauce, spicy Korean tofu and seafood soup, which are totally made up […]

HSBC Credit Card Red Hot Happy Days Rewards

From 22 Jan to 19 Dec, 2021, you can enjoy a series of exclusive dining offers with your HSBC Credit Card at all shops of Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku Buffet, Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou, On-Yasai, Mou Mou Club, Mou Mou Motto, Yoogane and Peace Cuisine as below: [Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant] – 30% off Yakiniku Dinner […]