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There are three types of popular 🥩Wagyu including Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef. Omi beef is popular for the aftertaste of its fatty meat.The growing area & atmosphere is excellent with good quality of water🌊 and feeding. Try Omi beef with Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku🔥 to have unforgettable taste & Experience with your family and friends. […]

【Peace Cuisine – New Dishes for Summer ☀️】

Too hot to stay cool in summer! In this summer, Peace Cuisine recommend you our new dishes. We would give you sweetness and fresh feeling with our dishes with Luffa as a main Ingredient. Come to Peace Cuisine now to stay cool in this summer. Summer Menu: Yau Tong Shop – V Walk Shop […]

【Peace Cuisine – Stamp Card to redeem 3 tasty dishes⭐⭐⭐】

Come to Peace Cuisine now to collect stamps to redeem dishes for your next visits! Starting from 1 June 2022, you can collect one stamp upon every net dine-in patronage of $50 and enjoy free selected dishes upon specific number of stamps collected. 5 stamps = Shredded Chicken w/ Potato Starch Sheet in Sesame Sauce […]

【Peace Cuisine – Double Taste to welcome evening dine-in services】

We would resume the evening dine-in services staring from 21st April. To celebrate, we would have Double Taste Promotion to share the joy with you. Double Taste Promotion (2 dishes in total) $248up Pickled Vegetable & Seafood in Soup OR Chicken Hotpot with Abalone (1 out of 2) Braised Pea Sprout with Fish Maw OR […]


Due to the serious epidemic situation, all KABU shops will be closed from February 28, 2022 until further notice. In order to reduce the impact on KABU members, the membership period (including bonus points and e-coupons) of all members will be  automatically extended by one month temporarily (hopefully need not to extend anymore). We will take […]

【Mou Mou Club Brunch Offer 🙌 Every Second Guest up to 50% OFF】

Since no dine-in services for dinner, let’s date for early dinner or brunch with family & friends. From January 11th , dine-in patronage Beef Chuck Flap Tail (Mou Mou Club) or U.K. Angus Beef Short Rib (Mou Mou Motto ) 90mins all-you-can-eat course from 2pm on Mon-Fri. Every second guest enjoy up to 50% off. […]

【Festival Special ∣ Poon Choi from On-Yasai, Mou Mou Club, Peace Cuisine】

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town~Hey! It’s not yet. As the old saying: “The Winter Solstice is more important than the New Year” and it also early than Christmas! At the last month of the year, there will be a lot of holidays and festival lined up, such as Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, […]

Gyu-Kaku Island Resort Mall shop is now open!

Gyu-Kaku Island Resort Mall shop is now open, please feel free to reserve table by phone or Kabu App. To celebrate the new store opening, starting from 21st October 2021 to 23rd October 2021, customers who visit Facebook or IG fans page of Gyu-Kaku and leave a comment for your favorite dish on relevant post […]

【New】Nagasaki Wagyu & Chamiton Pork arrived at On-Yasai

We are proud to introduce our brand new meat which are Nagasaki Wagyu and Kagoshima Chamiton Pork. The flavor of Nagasaki wagyu rib eye and sirloin are really great and tender. Also, the Kagoshima Chamiton pork rib eye, loin and collar contain the Vitamin E, it really suitable for female. Let’s find the following for […]

BROWN & FRIENDS All-You-Can-Eat Menu Set with Japanese & U.S Wagyu!

$238 up for you to enjoy “BROWN & FRIENDS 90 Minutes All-You-Can-Eat Menu Set”. It included Japanese Wagyu Beef (1set), U.S. SRF Wagyu Beef (1set) and Seafood Platter (1set), with mussel, Hiroshima oyster and scallop six kinds of seafood! You can also enjoy the Danish Crown Pork Collar & American Chicken Thigh as all-you-can-eat course! […]