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Brand New Grand Menu at On-Yasai

We proudly presents our brand new grand menu! It brings over 20 dishes which includes new appetizers, pot dishes, seafood, soup bases and hydroponic vegetables. There are two news soup bases including black truffle soup and curry soup is a must-try for curry lovers. Come try with your friends!   *10% Service charge applies. Click […]

New Weekend Lunch Menu is available at selected shops!

Starting from now, Gyu-Kaku offers the new and appetizing Yakiniku Set with Seafood or Mushrooms, Salad and Rice with Toasted Seaweed & Spring Onion and Spicy Kimichi Soup w/ Seafood in a Stone Pot Set for selection! Let’s enjoy the weekend lunch set with your beloved ones during holidays! Available on Sat, Sun & Public […]

BROWN & FRIENDS Coming to Mou Mou Club!

This year, LINE FRIENDS and Mou Mou Club offer you a special journey! Starting form 2nd December, 2019, BROWN & FRINEDS characters will come on Mou Mou Club! Apart from soup base and delicacies with the theme of salmon, there are different special offer for you! Let’s bring all the cutest BROWN & FRIENDS premium […]

Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou Menu newly launched, enjoy Yakiniku Rice Bowl Set from $39

Starting from 29 Nov, all shops of Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou launched a new menu. Newly added 3 rice bowl sets and 6 items of side dishes or seafood, including Gyu-Kaku Jian-Bou Signature Rice Bowl w/ Conger Eel set & Grilled Pork Rice Bowl w/ Conger Eel Set. Another new item would be Gyu-Kaku Rice Bowl Set, using secret […]

Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou launched Healthy Mid-afternoon Rice Bowl Set

Starting from 29 Nov, all shops of Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou launches 4 kinds of Yakiniku rice bowl set, Gyu-Kaku Rice Bowl Set & Terriyaki Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Set are recommeded. Each Yakiniku rice bowl set is served with appetizer and Tai Ti Supreme Meta Slim Tea. Let’s enjoy a healthy afternoon tea! Menu:

Two Promotional Spicy Soup Bases Are Now Available In November!

During autumn, it is time to have some hot and warm food! Mou Mou Club care what you want! “Kimchi & Korean Spicy Soup” is back! At the same time, “Pickled Cabbage & Sour Spicy Soup” is available too! They are the limited edition soup base during November! The supply is limited. Let’s invite your […]

New Sake Menu in Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Selected different well-known Sake brands in the menu for Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet is available. It includes Gekkeikan, Dassai, Kubota and Sho Chi Ku Bai Shirakabegura Sparkling Sake which is suitable for female. Born Junsui Junmai Daiginjo is newly added to deliver the refreshing taste to sake lovers. We set our price for Sake items based […]

Gyu-Kaku & On-Yasai ‘Go Strawless’ Save$10!

Starting from October 24, 2019, customers can enjoy $10 off upon ordering a la carte drinks and requested no straws at all Gyu-Kaku and On-Yasai shops! Please support ‘Go Strawless’ together and help contributing to the green environment. New drinks will be available at the same day and let’s drink crazily! On the other hand, […]

New! Premium Lunch Sets at On-Yasai

We proudly presents two brand new lunch sets! “Eel Rice Bowl Set” brings you the perfect match of quality tender eel, covered with appetizing sauce, on rice sprinkled with tasty sliced egg. The “Rice with Curry Beef Set” is a must-try for curry lovers with its melt-in-your-mouth beef, fresh vegetables, and of course the aromatic […]

Student Set Lunch at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou

From now on, students with a valid student cards or students with school uniform can enjoy a Student Lunch Set from $49 on Monday to Friday (except public holidays) in Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou Tsuen Wan Shop & Tung Chung Shop. Gyu-Kaku Rice Bowl Set & Terriyaki Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Set are recommeded. Each Yakiniku rice […]