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New Shabu Shabu Set now available!

Mou Mou Club has launched a variety of 1 person sets! You can enjoy different Wagyu, seafood and a selection of pot dishes! All of them are the familiar flavors! The 90 minutes Lunch & Dinner All-You-Can-Eat are also available at the same time! Let’s come to Mou Mou Club tonight to enjoy the unforgettable […]

New Yakiniku set menu launched at Gyu-Kaku, bring them home!

Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet launched a new “Yakiniku Set Menu” with a set price from $171 for customers to taste a variety of popular items. Online ordering is available now! Please click: Menu of Gyu-Kaku: Menu of Gyu-Kaku Buffet:  

Membership extend for 3 Months!

Due to the situation caused by the Novel Coronavirus and the affected operation situation, all the Kabu Pass membership, points and coupons will extend for 3 months! Thank you for your support and understanding.   *not applicable for membership purchase after 1st March 2020 *member expiry date will be updated on 1st March 2020  

All Stores Available now! Bring Mou Mou Cub Taste Home!

From 12th February, all branches will launch different shabu shabu set! Apart from the selective meat and pot dish, there are also seafood and vegetables! And we will also providing you five soup bases for your selection and also with the sauce. Just call us, we will provide all the food for you! No matter […]

Healthy Lunch Set All-day available at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou Tung Chung shop

Starting from 10 February 2020, Healthy Lunch Set is all-day* available at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou Tung Chung shop, customers can enjoy Yakiniku Rice Bowl set from $49 even during dinner time. Menu: *Available before 14:30 & after 17:30

Bring Mou Mou Club taste home!

Start from 7th February, you can bring the Mou Mou Club taste home! Whampoa Store has launched some hot pot sets for you to dine-in or take away! Let’s order and share the new taste!   For more menu details:

BROWN & FRIENDS Mou Mou Club Special Edition VIP Card

Starting from 1st February, the BROWN & FRIENDS Mou Mou Club Limited Edition VIP Card is available for sale! You can enjoy the exclusive benefits immediately after purchase the VIP Card with a limited BROWN passport case. Member benefits include a year round 10% off discount, bonus points for birthday months and rewarding you with […]

New! Selected Alcoholic Drinks all-you-can-drink at On-Yasai Cityplaza shop only

  Drinking alcoholic drinks with your friends in a celebration gathering is the happiest thing! We offer a “Selected Alcoholic Drinks all-you-can-drink” promotion at Cityplaza shop! You only add $98 to enjoy 13 types of sake. Let’s come with your friends to enjoy it.   *Please click HERE for more details

Soup with Collagen Bear

Every girl love to hear the praise from their friends. We are happy to introduce our brand new soup base with collagen bear. Our chef create Gekkeian sake soup with the collagen bear and gold leaf; and create the collagen bear with purple onion and white radish served with our top seller soup in Hong […]

NEW member sets for Kabu Pass members launch at Gyu-Kaku!

Gyu-Kaku branches are offering member sets for two persons or four persons. The sets include salad, appetizer, Yakiniku platter, assorted vegetables, seafood and the popular dish of rice with toasted seaweed & spring onion. The full meal can definitely bring happiness and satisfaction to your family and friends. *Promotion starts from 20th January 2020 *This […]