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[Limited Offer] Spend $1000 and get e-coupons valued at over $1600! 

From 1st August 2021 to 30th November 2021, Kabu Pass members can purchase KABU vouchers at just $1000 to get worth up to $1600 e-coupons* in Kabu-Co-brands shops , which can be used instantly^ at Kabu-Co-brands shops, including “Gyu-Kaku”, “Gyu-Kaku Buffet”, “Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou”  , ” Mou Mou Club” , “Mou Mou Motto” ,  “On-Yasai” , “Yoogane”, […]

【Save the Marriage Concern Group!!!】

  Recently, more people have remarried~ If there is a problem with your marriage, it’s better to come to On-Yasai to try the Sukiyaki set because it’s available at all shops! Causeway Bay, Festival Walk and Cityplaza shop has 3 different levels of meat for you to choose, as low as $198!! The LCX shop […]

【Reveal the metaphor of Sake at Gyu-Kaku, Gyu-Kaku Buffet and On-Yasai】

Each sake has its unique personality, and it contains a different message of life as well. Starting from June 25, 2021, all branches of Gyu-Kaku, Gyu-Kaku Buffet and On-Yasai will interact with customers by using different illustration cards. Only select the illustration card that best expresses your current the scene of emotion. And, scanning the […]

【Sukiyaki is now available at all On-Yasai shops】

  Sukiyaki set menu is now available at Causeway Bay shop during lunch period from today (19/6). We have 3 different levels of meat for you to choose, including the tender Kagoshima Wagyu Chuck Roll, Australian M9 Wagyu Chuck Roll, etc… and several Japanese vegetables and rice/udon~ You can cook by yourself! Let’s come with […]

【Kumamoto Black Wagyu is now available at On-Yasai!!】

  We are proud to introduce our new Kumamoto Black Wagyu~ LCX, Cityplaza and Festival Walk shop offer “Kumamoto Black Wagyu Sirloin” for $228; Causeway Bay shop offer “Kumamoto Black Wagyu Sirloin”, starting from $548 per person~ Call/download Kabu App to make a reservation now ~   Menu details at LCX, Cityplaza and Festival Walk […]

【New Drinks Menu is now available at On-Yasai!】

  We are proud to introduce our new drinks items which is available from today (25/5). It includes Marukome Plus Koji Amazake (Fermented Rice Drink, 0% Alcohol), Roselle Soda etc… The highest recommended item is “Okinawa Alcoholic Drinks”. The taste is rich and smooth~ if it is the first time you try the Okinawa Alcoholic […]

Yonezawa Black Wagyu Chuck Roll Sukiyaki Set is back!

  We are proud to introduce our new Sukiyaki set at LCX shop, it will launch from today (21/5). You can choose Yonezawa Black Wagyu Chuck Roll or Nagasaki Wagyu Rib Eye. It also served with Kagashima Chamiton Pork Collar, fresh vegetables, Steamed Rice/ Udon. It just $398. Call us / download Kabu App to […]

【Stamp Card】FREE Dishes for you~

As Peace Cuisine super fans, of course, I have to come to Peace Cuisine having dinner every day!! We decided to take comfort to you~ From today onwards, you will receive a stamp for every purchase of $50 (calculated based on the net purchase amount) at Peace Cuisine. Collect all the designated stamps and you […]

【Bring-it-home】 Shabu Shabu Platter is now available at On-Yasai!!

  Mother’s Day is coming soon~ Take comfort to Mommy~ Why not order our brand new 2-person “Shabu Shabu Platter for 2″ which we launched today (7/5), and add other food to return home and celebrate with you Mommy! It includes a lobster, tender Australian M9 Wagyu sirloin (80g), US Wagyu Eye Log and so […]

A magical pill for your mother

  We are pound to launch the brand new ” Heartwarming Shabu Shabu Set for 4 “. Let’s come with your family to celebrate Mother’s Day! It includes Organic Soy Milk Soup with Collagen, tender Nagasaki Wagyu Sirloin, Fish Maw, Goji Berries and Lily Bulbs with Coconut Milk. You can also enjoy two pcs of Dawn.Rice Water […]