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[Festival Walk shop only] All Day All-You-Can-Eat course is available~

  We hear your eagerness on our lunch all-you-can-eat course~ We are immediately enter to help you…help you…mode~ Finally, I can announce it loudly to you!! The 90-minute lunch all-you-can-eat course is back!! It just serve from 11:30am to 6:00pm on Monday to Sunday at Festival Walk shop. It is suitable for those who want […]

[50% discount] Bring it back home~

We will bring the other half to you, which is a half-price bring it home series. It can make you warmer and send it away in 2020~ We launched 50% off Shabu Shabu set for 2, includes 6 types of meat, 2 Hokkaido Scallops, and 10 White Clams are all only $289 (original price $578); […]

Christmas. 2021. Bring it home to share the taste!

  Merry~ Merry~ Christmas and Happy New Year!! This Christmas and New Year, whether you go out or stay at home, you must dressing up and have to enjoy a big meal to celebrate~ We will launch a X’mas & New Year special set for 2 & 4 on tomorrow (19/12). It include Nagasaki Wagyu […]

[On-Yasai X BRUNO.Share the Taste of Shabu Shabu]

  On-Yasai has launched the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate*!! In addition to the hot plate and takoyaki plate that can be used for roasting meat and takoyaki, we will also provide a ceramic-coated Pot, and a shabu shabu set for 2 to share the taste of On-Yasai at home with your lover~ It’s only $1246! […]


  午市放題出沒注意!明天(28/11) 回來見大家啦!逢星期六、日及公眾假期中午12:00起也可以90分鐘無限任食軟綿綿又細緻的澳洲M9和牛肩脊肉、口感豐富的鹿兒島茶美豚肉眼、豚腩肉及豚梅肉,只是$268起#!!還有好多客人喜歡吃的墨汁墨魚丸及芝士雞肉丸,也有很多fans的完熟番茄湯都可以吃到呢~ 今晚一齊衝Black Friday,假日約Friend來温野菜放縱一下,之後再好好迎接Cyber Monday繼續買買買!立刻打給我們/ download Kabu App 訂座啦~   餐目詳情:   想宅在家慢慢挑選心頭好,可以將我們搬回家: 低至6折優惠餐目: 其他帶回家系列產品: 網上預訂平台:   #另加一服務費 *圖片只供參考 *須受有關條款及細則約束   分店資料: 尖沙咀海港城海運大廈LCX 3樓37A號舖 (電話: 2153 1801) 九龍塘又一城低層地下1樓29號舖 (電話: 3106 4218) 太古城中心一期3樓309號舖 (電話: 2107 4088) 銅鑼灣2000年廣場(Plaza 2000)4樓全層 (電話: 3709 8328)

Yonezawa Black Wagyu is here!

The “Yonezawa Black Wagyu” launched at the end of 2020 may not even be eaten by wagyu experts! So everyone must mark down on your schedule! Come and try the ” Yonezawa Black Wagyu” today (25/11) as soon as possible! “Yonezawa beef” is one of Japan’s three largest wagyu beef, and its annual output is […]

[Kabu Pass Member] New discount for you~~

  Know that you are our Super Fans as a Kabu Pass member~ We decide to !! UPGRADE !! Kabu Pass member meal rewards you~ You can +$130 to change the meat to “Nagasaki Wagyu Sirloin” (regular price $199), +$90 change to “Kagoshima Wagyu Chuck Roll” (regular price $169), etc.~ We all know that many […]

【Japanese Craftsmanship.Conger Boiled Abalone at On-Yasai】

Those of you who haven’t returned to Japan for half a year, to ease your homesick! Customers who patronizes Kabu Pass member set or dinner set D/ E/ selected promotional all-you-can-eat course at Causeway Bay shop will receive 1 pc of ” Conger Boiled Abalone “^( Value $68)! ! This ” Conger Boiled Abalone ” […]

【LCX Shop Only】Weekend Lunch Menu is back!

  There is a typhoon during the holiday, don’t be unhappy?! Let’s come to LCX store tomorrow (24/10), it will launch the “weekend lunch menu” again, cheer for yourself~ In addition to UK Angus short rib and US short rib, three new types of Kagoshima Chamiton Pork have been added, as well as US chuck […]

【Causeway Bay Shop only】Iwate Tankaku Wagyu Chuck Roll All-You-Can-Eat Course

  Iwate Tankaku wagyu chuck roll all-you-can-eat course is now at On-Yasai Causeway Bay shop! You can also try Kagoshima Chamiton pork, Niigata chicken jowl, new soup base and our new pot dishes. It just $548up#/ person. Come to enjoy it with your friends!   Menu details: 【LCX, Cityplaza & Festival Walk Shop only】Iwate […]