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All Stores Available now! Bring Mou Mou Cub Taste Home!

From 12th February, all branches will launch different shabu shabu set! Apart from the selective meat and pot dish, there are also seafood and vegetables! And we will also providing you five soup bases for your selection and also with the sauce. Just call us, we will provide all the food for you! No matter […]

Bring Mou Mou Club taste home!

Start from 7th February, you can bring the Mou Mou Club taste home! Whampoa Store has launched some hot pot sets for you to dine-in or take away! Let’s order and share the new taste!   For more menu details:

BROWN & FRIENDS Mou Mou Club Special Edition VIP Card

Starting from 1st February, the BROWN & FRIENDS Mou Mou Club Limited Edition VIP Card is available for sale! You can enjoy the exclusive benefits immediately after purchase the VIP Card with a limited BROWN passport case. Member benefits include a year round 10% off discount, bonus points for birthday months and rewarding you with […]

BROWN & FRIENDS Coming to Mou Mou Club!

This year, LINE FRIENDS and Mou Mou Club offer you a special journey! Starting form 2nd December, 2019, BROWN & FRINEDS characters will come on Mou Mou Club! Apart from soup base and delicacies with the theme of salmon, there are different special offer for you! Let’s bring all the cutest BROWN & FRIENDS premium […]

BROWN & FRIENDS All-You-Can-Eat Menu Set with Japanese & U.S Wagyu!

$238 up for you to enjoy “BROWN & FRIENDS 90 Minutes All-You-Can-Eat Menu Set”. It included Japanese Wagyu Beef (1set), U.S. SRF Wagyu Beef (1set) and Seafood Platter (1set), with mussel, Hiroshima oyster and scallop six kinds of seafood! You can also enjoy the Danish Crown Pork Collar & American Chicken Thigh as all-you-can-eat course! […]

Limited Edition! Tasty Salmon & Milk Soup!

For fans of BROWN, you know that BORWN loves salmon a lot! So, Mou Mou Club offer the soup base and delicacies with the theme of salmon. The salmon & milk soup will be available from 2nd December! Creamy milk with the minced salmon, carrot and onion, the taste of the soup base is so […]

Two Promotional Spicy Soup Bases Are Now Available In November!

During autumn, it is time to have some hot and warm food! Mou Mou Club care what you want! “Kimchi & Korean Spicy Soup” is back! At the same time, “Pickled Cabbage & Sour Spicy Soup” is available too! They are the limited edition soup base during November! The supply is limited. Let’s invite your […]

Member Points Double Up in September!

From September 16th to September 30th, members can earn double points* by ordering the U.S. SRF Wagyu or U.S Supreme Beef Short Rib or above level 90mintues All-You-Can-Eat courses during lunch and dinner at Mou Mou Club, Mou Mou Geki and Mou Mou Motto During the above promotion period, members can also enjoy “Double Points […]

Member e-coupon discount! Dine as 4, pay for 3!

Great member discounts! During the promotion period, from 2nd – 15th September, 2019, each member can enjoy dine as 4, pay as 3 by use the e-coupon to purchase the “U.S. Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef Chuck Roll / U.S. Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef Chuck Roll & Seafood Sashimi All-You-Can-Eat ” in Mou Mou Club (WTC […]

$478 Hida Beef & Seafood Sashimi All-You-Can-Eat exclusively offered in V Walk Shop

Hida Beef is available in V Walk! $478* can enjoy together with seafood and sashimi all-you-can-eat! As A5 black hair and cattle, its oil distribution is evenly distributed to achieve a frost-reducing effect, and the taste is delicate. At the same time, the black truffle & seaweed soup and the Urchin Sauce with Egg yolk […]