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[Limited Offer] Spend $1000 and get e-coupons valued at over $1600! 

From 1st August 2021 to 30th November 2021, Kabu Pass members can purchase KABU vouchers at just $1000 to get worth up to $1600 e-coupons* in Kabu-Co-brands shops , which can be used instantly^ at Kabu-Co-brands shops, including “Gyu-Kaku”, “Gyu-Kaku Buffet”, “Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou”  , ” Mou Mou Club” , “Mou Mou Motto” ,  “On-Yasai” , “Yoogane”, […]

HSBC Credit Card Red Hot Happy Days Rewards

From 22 Jan to 19 Dec, 2021, you can enjoy a series of exclusive dining offers with your HSBC Credit Card at all shops of Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku Buffet, Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou, On-Yasai, Mou Mou Club, Mou Mou Motto, Yoogane and Peace Cuisine as below: [Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant] – 30% off Yakiniku Dinner […]

The New Flavor of the Mou Mou Rice Bowl Series!

There are two new flavor of the Mou Mou Rice Bowl series! There is a Pork Cartilage Rice Bowl, and a Grilled Eel Rice Bowl! The gumbo grilled eel is unique in texture and its thickness, which is other eel cannot compare! With the takeaway discount, it only $46.5! Let’s enjoy today! There are some more […]

The New Instant Shabu Shabu Available Now!

Give me another five minutes🖐🏼! Let eat the instant Shabu Shabu now! The instant Shabu Shabu is convenient, fast and delicious. It really makes you want to eat it again and again. There are three new flavors. you can taste The Seafood Laksa Shabu Shabu! The soup base is rich and the ingredients are rich! […]

New Discount Offer for Takeaway Items!

Starting from 17th July, all the takeaway items can enjoy 25%off! For the $persons set and the Beef Instant Shabu Shabu, can enjoy 40% off again! Also, the 2persons set will join the 40% off offer too! What’s more, if you bring you own container for the takeaway, you can senjoy extra 5% off! So as […]

Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu available at WTC Mou Mou Club

A5 Wagyu fans please get noted! Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu will be available at WTC Mou Mou Club starting from 24th June!! This All-You-Can-Eat courses, you can enjoy the 120 minutes unlimited refill of the Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu, Satsuma Kuroushi Wagyu and six kinds of seafood! Let’s come and enjoy the tasty courses on holidays! […]

Guideline for Gold Member’s Privilege!

Starting from 19th June 2020, Gold Member’s priority seating arrangement can be used once per day before and after 5pm per day (maximum use twice per day). To protect the interests of Kabu Pass members and secure membership accounts’ safety, security measures for Gold members will be effective from 1st July 2020. All Gold members […]

Guideline for members who enjoy member’s privileges!

Starting from today, member can enjoy Kabu Pass member privilege once per day before and after 5pm (maximum use twice per day). Kabu Pass must be verified by system within 120 minutes upon patronage to enjoy members offers.(included discount, redeem/earn bonus point and redeem e-Coupon), otherwise, you cannot enjoy members offers. We look forward to […]

U.S. Prime Beef Short Rib All-You-Can-Eat now available at Olympian & Lok Fu Store!

Starting from 10th June, the popular U.S. Prime Beef Shor Rib is coming back to Mou Mou Club Olympian City Store and Mou Mou Motto Lok Fu Store! With the high quality of the meat, please don’t miss it! For 90Minutes All-You-Can-Eat courses, only $198 up during lunch and $248 up during dinner! Let’s come […]