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Upgrading to Supreme Seafood All-you-can-eat at Mou Mou Geki!

Starting from today, seafood and supreme seafood all-you-can-eat courses are available at Mou Mou Geki! You can upgrade by ordering different 120 minutes all-you-can-eat courses during lunch and dinner! The lunch menu courses are only $170 up during Monday to Thursday. For other 60 minutes lunch set, it is just $59 up! For more details: […]

Mou Mou Kun & Friends Premium is now available in Mou Mou Motto

Every time finishing the meal in Mou Mou Club, you want to bring Mou Mou Kun home? Now here is the chance! The image of Mou Mou Kun & Friends already printed on different premium, which can be your side at anywhere and anytime. The below item is now only available in Mou Mou Motto […]

Mou Mou Kun & Friends umbrella is now available!

The Mou Mou Kun & Friends umbrella, is using a simply and tidy color. With the cute graphic of Mou Mou Kun characters, it brings us a simile during the bad weather. Also, with high practicability, it would be become a new reason for us to love the rainy day. The umbrella in only $88, […]

2019 Mou Mou Club Summer Promotion

Mou Mou Club summer promotion is back! Starting from 14th June, you can enjoy the new soup base, ingredients and the innovative Cold Shabu Shabu! During the promotion period, you can have a try on the Sour & Spicy Soup and the Lemon & Plum Soup. Both of them are new innovated, with an unforgettable […]

Causeway Bay WTC & Moko Exclusively Offering Japanese Gifu Prefecture Hida Beef

  Apart from Gifu Prefecture in Japan, Hilda beef is now available at Causeway Bay WTC & Moko Mou Mou Club. As high class as Kobe beef, it is raised under a condition for more than 14 months. For being an A5 Wagyu, texture is soft and rich in flavor. What’s more, during the promotion, […]

Enjoy Satsuma Kuroushi Beef 120 mins lunch all-you-can-eat from $295 at Mou Mou Geki!

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club King Wah Centre. Customers can enjoy different parts of the beef during the 120 minutes lunch all-you-can-eat course from $295 ($369 for dinner). Kumamoto Wagyu Beef is firstly invented by our group, and it has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by […]

Free Gelleikon Josen Sake Cup at Mou Mou Motto!

To celebrate the opening of the brand new shop Mou Mou Motto, customers can enjoy the Gelleikon Josen Sake Cup for free when add $58 to enjoy sake all-you-can-drink upon ordering any all-you-can-eat menu. While stocks last.   Details:

Brand New Mou Mou Motto arrives in Lok Fu! Enjoy shabu shabu more!

The brand new Mou Mou Motto opened in Lok Fu Place on 19 April 2019. It provides lots of food variety including high-quality Satsuma Kuroushi Chuck Roll, fried items*, appetizers, soup and pot dishes which will change from time to time. The new Sergestid Shrimp Satay Soup is recommended and it is perfect match with […]

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef Arrived Mou Mou Club

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club Olympian City, Causeway Bay and Moko shop. Kumamoto Wagyu Beef has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by specific feeds and rich mineral groundwater. The rib eye part has been selected and the wagyu is soft in texture with rich flavor.  Let’s […]

Mou Mou Club & Mou Mou Geki U.S. Beef Carnival

Selected U.S. Beef set menu is now availble at Mou Mou Club and Mou Mou Geki! Customer can enjoy 3 kinds of juicy and tender U.S. wagyu beef at once, just come and out the brand new set menu! Apart from that, there is a brand new limited time promotion soup as well – Clams […]