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A New Wagyu Item for Mou Mou Rice Series!

There are seven Mou Mou Rice items for your selection! The items are the convenience for you! Apart from the existing six items, we have launched a U.S SRF Wagyu Steak Rice! With a new flavor, let’s try it today! For faster online ordering, you may visit:

Last Chance for the Redemption!

You missed the opportunity for purchasing the BROWN & FRIENDS Premium? Let’s make it done now! You can purchase or use the bonus point to redeem the below premiums upon any spending (dine-in or take away). The soy sauce plate and the porcelain set are hot items! Let’s bring them home!   BROWN or CONY […]

Online Ordering Service is now Available for Mou Mou Club!

You can use less than $30 for buying a take away beef rice with soft drink? And use less than $40 for a Instant Shabu Shabu? You may it maybe crowded when queuing for order. But no worry starting from today! Because the brand new online ordering platform already launched! You can pre-order on the […]

Free Premium Gifts for you!

In order to celebrate the re-opening, we will have a free premium gift for your upon spending with certain amount! For spending every $200, we will offer a Mou Mou Kun & Friends A4 File set for free to you! For spending every $400, we will offer a Mou Mou Kun luggage belt for free to you! For […]

Lunch is available for 12 stores!

We care about your opinion! Starting from 23rd March (Monday), lunch is availbe from Monday to Thursday too! And we had updated the business hour as below: Monday – Thursday: 12nn-4pm ; 6pm – 10pm Friday – Sun & Public Holidays:12nn – 10pm And the re-opened stores included: Causeway Bay WTC, Island Resort Mall, Whampoa, […]

Take Away Menu selected item with $20!

In order to celebrate the take away menu launch, from 19th – 21st March, we will have a discount price for two selected item! You can enjoy the “Onion & Beef Rice Bowl” and the “Curry Beef Rice Bowl” at $20 each! For other items, member can enjoy exclusive 10% off! For more details of […]

A New Take Away Menu! Mou Mou Rice!

Starting from 19March, Mou Mou Club has launched 8 different rice bowl for take away! We highly recommend you to try the “Onion & Beef Rice Bowl” and the “Curry Beef Rice Bowl”. There are different beef and wagyu in the curry beef, if you lucky enough, you can enjoy the wagyu in a value […]

A New Take Away Menu! Instant Shabu Shabu!

Starting from 19March, there is a new take away menu available in Mou Mou Club! The Instant Shabu Shabu allows you to enjoy the food quickly at home by using the microwave oven reheat 5 minutes only! There are four choice in the series with only $49 up, and you can +$10 upgrade to set […]

Mou Mou Club joins Deliveroo Platform!

Starting from today, Mou Mou Club joins Deliveroo Platform! By using the mobile app, you can bring the Shabu Shabu ingredients home! There are a lot of set meal and pot dishes for your selection! Japanese Wagyu only $188 /plate! Let’s enjoy the Japanese feelings at home!    The below areas are now available for […]

Two Special Soup Base to Enhance Your Immunity!

There are different vegetables added in the new Curry & Assorted Vegetable Soup! It can provide a lot of nutrition, to protect you from the virus! Another Lion’s Mane Mushroom & Fish Maw Medicated Soup, the ingredients can keep and let our body become stronger! You can taste the new product by +$10 when order […]