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【Limited to East Point City Shop – 🌙Late Happy Hour Offer🍻】

Gyu-Kaku Late Happy Hour🍻 Offer is NOW available at East Point City Shop upon patronage “Supreme Assorted Meat (6Types)”🥩, together with the special offer of Buy One get one free on Asahi & Sapporo Beer. 🤗Variety of 25%off items are offered for you including “Dried Fish with Mirin”, “Edamame”, seafood with “Horse Mackerel(Aji Fish)”🐟, “Hiroshima […]

【New Rice Bowl is now available at GyuKaku Jinan-Bou!】

  The new “Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Neck Salad Bowl” and “Braised Grilled Angus Oyster Blade Salad Bowl” will be launched at all GyuKaku Jinan-Bou shops from 1 July 2022 ~ I believe that you can eat healthy! In addition, there are some more new items such as ” Deep-fried Oyster, Horse Mackerel (Aji Fish) and […]

There are three types of popular 🥩Wagyu including Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef. Omi beef is popular for the aftertaste of its fatty meat.The growing area & atmosphere is excellent with good quality of water🌊 and feeding. Try Omi beef with Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku🔥 to have unforgettable taste & Experience with your family and friends. […]

【Cool👨🏻Father’s Day Surprise🎉】

  Gyu-Kaku prepared 👔”Tie” theme yakiniku platter for the coming Father’s Day that including <Black & White Eel🐟 Tie> which will be tender & crispy after grilling. <Marbling printed U.S. Prime Chuck Flap 🥩Tie> which is juicy and meaty. <Special printed Premium Skirt Steak Tie> that is premium as your Dad. <Beef Tongue Crown👑> with […]

【📍TKO Shops Limited promotion -✨ Bento Takeaway is BACK】

Gyu-Kaku 🍱Bento Series is back!  All Bento comes with Rice with Toasted Seaweed & Spring Onion, appetizer & egg. There are 4 kinds of bento for choosing, <Grilled Hanger Steak>, <Grilled Beef Brisket>, <Pork Cartilage and Beef Tongue in Sweet Sauce Bento>. 🤩Steak and Beef are fresh, tender and juicy girilled with thick BBQ sweet sauce. If […]

【East Point City Shop Limited – Free Horse Mackerel 🐟】

🤤Enjoy Free Horse Mackerel 🐟(Aji Fish) with Ponzu & Grated Radish upon dining at or over $300 before 6pm, available at Gyu-Kaku Tseung Kwan O East Point City shop all- day on Monday to Thursday (except Public Holidays). Promotion Period: 8/6/2022 – 30/6/2022 *Terms & Conditions apply, please visit : 📍Gyu-kaku East Point City Shop Address: Shop […]

【🥩Yakiniku Fever – All-you-can eat provided 】

Everyone loves Japanese Yakiniku, especially All-you-can-eat provided shops. 90minutes unlimited refilling of food and drinks with different prices. The newly joined All-you-can-eat provided shops is <Gyu-Kaku Shau Kei Wan Lime Gala Shop>. Price from $228* for Early Bird & Late Dinner sections. Pork, Chicken, Fish & Rice with Toasted Seaweed & Spring Onion are all available. […]

【Jujutsu Kaisen is at Gyu-Kaku】

There are <Jujutsu Kaisen> thematic menu with signiture premium are arrived at at Gyu-Kaku, Gyu-Kaku Buffet and Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou. <Jujutsu Kaisen> “Premium Yakiniku with US SRF Angus Wagyu Oyster Blade, U.S Prime Chuck Flap & Thick Cut Beef Tongue” & Tokyo Jujutsu High School (Year 2) Platter, Ryomen Sukuna Chocolate Finger with Ice-cream and four […]

Kabu brands x Katch Promotion

As a merchants of Katch Anniversary Campaign, you may get a Katch Year-round Ticket Voucher upon dining at our shop! Starting from 16 May 2022, we cooperate with Katch, after patronage specific set or item (receipt should be uploaded to Katch app for verification) and answer questions within the specified time to get a digital […]

【🎉$100 e Coupon on Gyu-Kaku Shau Kei Wan Lime Gala Shop🎊】

Enjoy $100 discount upon 4 persons (available for adult price only) joining any All-you-can-eat menu course, available at Gyu-Kaku Shau Kei Wan Lime Gala shop all- day on Monday to Thursday (except Public Holidays). (Available for Adults only) Promotion Details: $100 discount upon 4 persons (Available for Adult price only)joining any All-you-can-eat menu course, $200 discount […]