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New Lunch Menu Launch At On-Yasai Now!

Nothing works better than tasting the new lunch sets at On-Yasai. On-Yasai introduces 4 new lunch sets including different meat choices, assorted vegetables, pot dishes, rice or udon and one drink together with seaweed soup base, which you can experience multi palate of the mouth-watering shabu shabu! Click here for more details

120 Minutes All-You-Can-Eat New Menu is available at On-Yasai Causeway Bay Shop now!

On-Yasai New 120 minutes All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu is now available at Causeway Bay Shop from 5pm every day. Early bird and later dinner sessions* are also available.  We offer Green Monday All-You-Can-Eat course with freshly vegetables, also provide good quality Wagyu Beef and signature pot dishes. Let’s enjoy the All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu with your beloved […]

$48 Student Lunch Set available in Mou Mou Club Fanling shop now

Without service charge, $48 Student Lunch Set available in Mou Mou Club Fanling shop now! U.S Imported Beef, Danish Crown Pork and American Chicken are available to choose (Any 2). You can also enjoy unlimited food, drink and dessert in food bar within 60mins too! Let’s wear school uniform to enjoy the student lunch set […]