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New Sake Menu at Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Selected different well-known Sake brands in the menu for Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet, including Gekkeikan, Dassai & Kubota. 2 new Sparkling Sake are added from Sho Chi Ku Bai Shirakabegura in which suitable for female. We are targeting general retail price & striving for offering lower price than other restaurants on all sake items. Menu:

Enjoy Satsuma Kuroushi Beef 120 mins lunch all-you-can-eat from $295 at Mou Mou Geki!

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club King Wah Centre. Customers can enjoy different parts of the beef during the 120 minutes lunch all-you-can-eat course from $295 ($369 for dinner). Kumamoto Wagyu Beef is firstly invented by our group, and it has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by […]

Free Gelleikon Josen Sake Cup at Mou Mou Motto!

To celebrate the opening of the brand new shop Mou Mou Motto, customers can enjoy the Gelleikon Josen Sake Cup for free when add $58 to enjoy sake all-you-can-drink upon ordering any all-you-can-eat menu. While stocks last.   Details:

Brand New Mou Mou Motto arrives in Lok Fu! Enjoy shabu shabu more!

The brand new Mou Mou Motto opened in Lok Fu Place on 19 April 2019. It provides lots of food variety including high-quality Satsuma Kuroushi Chuck Roll, fried items*, appetizers, soup and pot dishes which will change from time to time. The new Sergestid Shrimp Satay Soup is recommended and it is perfect match with […]

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef Arrived Mou Mou Club

Satsuma Kuroushi Beef All-You-Can-Eat course is now available at Mou Mou Club Olympian City, Causeway Bay and Moko shop. Kumamoto Wagyu Beef has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by specific feeds and rich mineral groundwater. The rib eye part has been selected and the wagyu is soft in texture with rich flavor.  Let’s […]

Mou Mou Club & Mou Mou Geki U.S. Beef Carnival

Selected U.S. Beef set menu is now availble at Mou Mou Club and Mou Mou Geki! Customer can enjoy 3 kinds of juicy and tender U.S. wagyu beef at once, just come and out the brand new set menu! Apart from that, there is a brand new limited time promotion soup as well – Clams […]

New Seasonal Style Soup available at Mou Mou Club and Mou Mou Geki!

You can now try out two new seasonal soups in all Mou Mou Club and Mou Mou Geki shops. “Chicken and Herbs Soup” is tangy and brothy. Another recommendation is “Chowder Seafood Soup” which is very rich and smooth. All soups are free to enjoy upon purchase of any All-You-Can-Eat courses. Click for more details

Mou Mou Club Tin Shui Wai & Ma On Shan Shop Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 50% off American Beef Sirloin!!

American Beef Sirloin All-You-Can-Eat is newly available at Mou Mou Club Tin Shui Wai & Ma On Shan Shop. The American Beef Sirloin has a very rich flavor, as a meat lover, you should never miss it. Customers can enjoy 50% off (original price $158/per person) on American Beef Sirloin All-You-Can-Eat at lunch period. Let’s […]

New Lunch Menu Launch At On-Yasai Now!

Nothing works better than tasting the new lunch sets at On-Yasai. On-Yasai introduces 4 new lunch sets including different meat choices, assorted vegetables, pot dishes, rice or udon and one drink together with seaweed soup base, which you can experience multi palate of the mouth-watering shabu shabu! Click here for more details

120 Minutes All-You-Can-Eat New Menu is available at On-Yasai Causeway Bay Shop now!

On-Yasai New 120 minutes All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu is now available at Causeway Bay Shop from 5pm every day. Early bird and later dinner sessions* are also available.  We offer Green Monday All-You-Can-Eat course with freshly vegetables, also provide good quality Wagyu Beef and signature pot dishes. Let’s enjoy the All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu with your beloved […]