BROWN & FRIENDS Coming to Mou Mou Club!

This year, LINE FRIENDS and Mou Mou Club offer you a special journey! Starting form 2nd December, 2019, BROWN & FRINEDS characters will come on Mou Mou Club! Apart from soup base and delicacies with the theme of salmon, there are different special offer for you! Let’s bring all the cutest BROWN & FRIENDS premium home!


Redeem from 2nd December

  1. SHABU SHABU Cart Set (4pcs) : +$50/set
  2. Wax Seal Stamp Set : +$108/pc (Member) / +$148/pc (Non-Member)
  3. Japanese Furoshiki : +$28/pc (Member) / +$48/pc (Non-Member)


For more promotion details:

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