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New Grand Menu Launch at Gyu-Kaku!

From 28 August 2020 onwards, Gyu-Kaku branches launch the new grand menu with over 10 new choices for your selection. Come try the Yakiniku feast to make people happy! Have fun now! *The menu is a bit different from all-you-can-eat shops, include Tuen Mun Town Plaza shop, Aberdeen Centre shop, West Kowloon Olympian City shop […]

New All-you-can-eat Menu at Gyu-Kaku

Starting from 27 August 2020, Gyu-Kaku Olympian City, Aberdeen, Tuen Mun Town Plaza & V Walk stores launched new all-day all-you-can-eat menu. Providing five levels of selections, there are more than 100 types of dishes. Early bird or late dinner offer on any day in which starts before 6pm or after 9pm (based on seating […]

【New】Nagasaki Wagyu & Chamiton Pork arrived at On-Yasai

We are proud to introduce our brand new meat which are Nagasaki Wagyu and Kagoshima Chamiton Pork. The flavor of Nagasaki wagyu rib eye and sirloin are really great and tender. Also, the Kagoshima Chamiton pork rib eye, loin and collar contain the Vitamin E, it really suitable for female. Let’s find the following for […]

Colorful and delicious coolers launch at Gyu-Kaku!

There’s nothing better than a colorful and delicious cooler in the hectic life. Special drinks are newly launched in Gyu-Kaku shops now. Customers can taste different drinks to cheer up, such as Fresh (Salted Caramel & Peach Oolong Tea), Pineapple Mojito (Peppermint & Pineapple Soda), Elder Flower Love (Lime & Elder Flower Soda) and Virgin […]

【New】Colorful Summer Mocktail at On-Yasai

We are proud to introduce our brand new special summer mocktail to you. It include “Mysterious Forest*”, “Summer Fizz*”, “Fresh Fields”and “Blue Citrus Beach*”. Let’s make a reservation to try it!   * Get $10 off for requesting no staw, please ask our staff for more details   Summer Mocktail details:   Photos are […]

Free-flow all-you-can-drink at $68 in Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Starting from 5 Aug 2020, Gyu-Kaku Olympian City Shop, Aberdeen Shop, Tuen Mun Town Plaza Shop, Sham Shiu Po V Walk Shop & Gyu-Kaku Buffet launch new Sake, Liqueur & Draft Beer all-you-can-drink* with 8 selections. Recommendations include Kurayoshi Distillery Matsui Umeshu with Japanese Whisky, Shirayuki Sake, Yuzu Liqueur and Yakiniku partner – Asahi Beer […]

The New Flavor of the Mou Mou Rice Bowl Series!

There are two new flavor of the Mou Mou Rice Bowl series! There is a Pork Cartilage Rice Bowl, and a Grilled Eel Rice Bowl! The gumbo grilled eel is unique in texture and its thickness, which is other eel cannot compare! With the takeaway discount, it only $46.5! Let’s enjoy today! There are some more […]

The New Instant Shabu Shabu Available Now!

Give me another five minutes🖐🏼! Let eat the instant Shabu Shabu now! The instant Shabu Shabu is convenient, fast and delicious. It really makes you want to eat it again and again. There are three new flavors. you can taste The Seafood Laksa Shabu Shabu! The soup base is rich and the ingredients are rich! […]

New Discount Offer for Takeaway Items!

Starting from 17th July, all the takeaway items can enjoy 25%off! For the $persons set and the Beef Instant Shabu Shabu, can enjoy 40% off again! Also, the 2persons set will join the 40% off offer too! What’s more, if you bring you own container for the takeaway, you can senjoy extra 5% off! So as […]

【Up to 40% off】Discount level up at On-Yasai!!

Let’s enjoy 40% off discount on selected takeaway items at On-Yasai! Shabu shabu set include soup base, appetizer, meat, pot dishes and vegetables. The set for 2 just $361.8; the set for 4 just $556.8 only! Other takeaway items are offering 25% off discount. Order it on our online ordering platform or order at our […]