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Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou launches “Black Diamond” Yakiniku Rice Bowl for a limited time

Black truffle, also referred to as the ‘black diamond of the earth’, is one of the most precious ingredients in the world. Its unique truffle scent is unforgettable. During the black truffles season, Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou launched a limited menu “Black Diamond Rice Bowl” from 11 January. Selected 2 popular Yakiniku Rice Bowls – “Grilled Beef […]

New Menus are available at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou

Starting from 7 January 2021, new menus are available at Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou. Recommended dishes include high-quality Foie Gras from Hungary in which you can choose to serve with either Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou Signature Rice Bowl or Grilled Pork Rice Bowl. Also, there is Grilled Niigata Chicken Neck Rice Bowl that Chicken Neck is a rare part […]

[Festival Walk shop only] All Day All-You-Can-Eat course is available~

  We hear your eagerness on our lunch all-you-can-eat course~ We are immediately enter to help you…help you…mode~ Finally, I can announce it loudly to you!! The 90-minute lunch all-you-can-eat course is back!! It just serve from 11:30am to 6:00pm on Monday to Sunday at Festival Walk shop. It is suitable for those who want […]

[50% discount] Bring it back home~

We will bring the other half to you, which is a half-price bring it home series. It can make you warmer and send it away in 2020~ We launched 50% off Shabu Shabu set for 2, includes 6 types of meat, 2 Hokkaido Scallops, and 10 White Clams are all only $289 (original price $578); […]

Christmas. 2021. Bring it home to share the taste!

  Merry~ Merry~ Christmas and Happy New Year!! This Christmas and New Year, whether you go out or stay at home, you must dressing up and have to enjoy a big meal to celebrate~ We will launch a X’mas & New Year special set for 2 & 4 on tomorrow (19/12). It include Nagasaki Wagyu […]

Purchase récolte Home BBQ Table Cooking Plate and enjoy free Yakuniku set at home!

Customers can purchase récolte Home BBQ Table Cooking Plate at $988 (Model: RBQ-1) at Gyu-Kaku and Gyu-Kaku Buffet shops and enjoy one set of Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku Set for 2 (Set C)* for free! In addition, customers can order extra the same Yakiniku set with super deal up to 50% off and sets can be redeemed […]

[On-Yasai X BRUNO.Share the Taste of Shabu Shabu]

  On-Yasai has launched the BRUNO Compact Hot Plate*!! In addition to the hot plate and takoyaki plate that can be used for roasting meat and takoyaki, we will also provide a ceramic-coated Pot, and a shabu shabu set for 2 to share the taste of On-Yasai at home with your lover~ It’s only $1246! […]

【New Winter Feast Menu】

Recently, everyone is challenging who can eat delicious food at home… Today, You can bring your family to taste delicious food at Peace Cuisine. I recommended Spicy Steamed Minced Pork Dumplings, Pan-Fried Seafood w/ Fried Chili, Red Dates, Goji Berries & Longan Tea, starting from only $16! These dishes and drinks are available all day, […]