40% off wagyu offers available at selected Mou Mou Club Shops!


To thank for customers’ continuous support, special offers are available again in Ma On Shan Mou Mou Club !
Details are as below:

40% off U.S. Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef 90 Minutes All-You-Can-Eat at dinner time. Let’s try out the delicious wagyu from U.S with your beloved ones!


*The offers are applicable from Monday to Thursday dinner (except public holidays).

*A minimum of 2 diners per visit is necessary for the offers. 

*10% service charge based on regular price apply.

*The offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers and coupons, including membership offers and green card.

* The offers are available at Mou Mou Club Ma On Shan shop only.



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