Gyu-Kaku New All-you-can-eat Menu Launched

Starting from 19 December 19 2019, Gyu-Kaku Olympian City, Aberdeen, Tuen Mun Town Plaza & V Walk stores launched new all-day all-you-can-eat menu. In addition to providing five levels of selections, there are more than 100 types of dishes. Early bird or late dinner offer on any day in which starts before 6pm or after 9pm (based on seating time), and other times are regular price periods with only $198 or up per person. Let’s enjoy unlimited delicacies.

There are 16 new dishes on the new menu, recommended includes “Chicken Neck” from Niigata, Japan. The meat is chewy and very delicious. “Boiled Clam w/ Sake” in which the flavor is more fragrant, and the sake is tangy. It is definitely reminiscent of the taste. “Hokkaido Scallop in Shio Tare” has a fresh and sweet flavor when cooked. “Crabmeat Miso Paste in Shell” must be ordered Full of crab paste, the salty and sweet crab paste is a perfect match with rice, and the rich sweetness of crab paste stays in the mouth for a long time.


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