Here Comes the New Soups at HOTPOT PNP!

The core element of hotpot is the soup base. Our development team continuously investigate and improve our soup bases and now are bringing 5 new soups bases at only $22 each!

Tomato Soup

Made with mature tomato. The soup is refreshing and appetizing.

Satay Soup

Made with over 10 kinds of ingredient. The soup has strong aroma of satay with light coconut taste.

Hot & Spicy Soup

Made with finely selected spicy ingredient like peppercorn, star anise, chili & bean paste sauce. Recommended for spicy-lover.

Pickled Vegetable & Fish Soup

Mixed with scallion, ginger, pickled radish and picked vegetable. It is sour with a little spicy taste.

Mushroom Soup

Made with blended mushroom. The mushroom taste is strong.


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