Gyu-Kaku New Menu offers more than 20 new items

Great news to all Gyu-Kaku fans! Our brand new Grand Menu is now available at all our shops from 20 December 2018. Adding more than 25 new items to menu, including Salad, Appetizer, Vegetables, Green Monday, Beef, Beef Tongue, Seafood & Rice. “Yuzu Pepper”is a new category in which adding Yuzu Pepper sauce in Pork & Chicken. For “Green Monday”, recommended dishes include“Cucumber w/ Omnipork in Miso” & “Cold Tofu w/ Spicy Omnipork”. Beef would be another main series in Gyu-Kaku, new items include “ US SRF Wagyu Harami” & “US SRF Wagyu Karubi”. Also, “Gyu-Kaku Assorted 10 combinations of Beef Platter”offers you the choice to taste 10 different parts of beef or different quality of beef at once. Apart from beef, Seafood is must-eat item as well, recommended dishes include Whelk & Dried Puffer Fish w/ Mirin.


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